I'm Audrey

My faith and family are everything to me, and you'll see that apparent in my prints and designs. I began creating prints to share and brighten the lives of those around me. I truly believe in the power of words + pretty illustrations, and the positive impact they can have on our lives. Seeing a motivational quote in my home can make all the difference in my day, and I want that for you too!


I started this online venture (previously known as 'Miss Audrey Sue') as a blog in 2011. It began as a place for me to share my hobbies, as well as hone my artistic skills. I played around for a few years in web coding, and even did some design work on Blogger and Wordpress. That ultimately propelled me forward with my love for graphic design. I then discovered my niche for custom watercolor families shortly after, and currently my focus and passion has been in surface pattern design. My pattern collections are listed here on Spoonflower and I'm thrilled to be sharing them with YOU! It truly is a dream watching my work come to life on your own products! Please tag me @audreyfullerart or use the hashtag #audreyfullerart so that I can see what you create with them!


How can my art help you? I want you to find something that serves a purpose and helps you. Uplifts you. Makes the day go smoother. I hope you'll take that away and use it to brighten the day of someone around you, or brighten your own.